We provide informations in their original format and in the condition in which they are, when they are provided by the sources, according to the European standard TecDoc Information Systems.

Vehicles data and product informations

We create and distribute applications useful for the spare parts sale, completely relieving you from the complexity of managing data.

You can use your existing data through our platform or through our applications. If specific needs arise, we are willing to create web catalogs intended for e-commerce of spare parts up to entire projects on a specific design. You can also create catalogs from scratch with your company information through our insertion and data management systems. For particular cases we take into consideration the possibility of creating information meshes between heterogeneous data sources.

Data in detail

In addition to Brand Model and Type, Vehicles data contains year of production, engine size, engine number and power. Product informations of spare parts contain: photos/graphics, matching original numbers, applicability, technical information, EAN codes, other info.

  • 28.000.000 matching
  • 2.000.000 articles with images, technical details and matching original numbers
  • 56.000 cars and commercial vehicles
  • 368 brands (BOSCH, FERODO, VALEO, TECNOCAR and more).
Catalog creation

We offer systems for web catalogs publishing giving you the opportunity to insert and manage your product informations.

Information exchange

We transfer informations from and to different systems, making them interact, avoiding the entire systems replacement within the company.