It's an innovative distribution format for international business and consumer market of automotive components and accessories, implemented with market intelligence methods and based on the Cloud Computing Paradigm.

Our vision

A new approach which can bring benefits to all actors in the Automotive Aftermarket Industry, for each role in the value chain.

enginet applications on the cloud

Motorplan is a "Web Oriented Area" part of a "Digital Ecosystem" dedicated to the Automotive Aftermarket division. Through a user-friendly and intuitive interface, the Web Oriented Area guides users (even basic customers) and visitors to the information, the good or the service they need. This is done through the adoption of a method that allows to trace a path that goes from the search and the identification up to the purchase of goods or services desired. The application and development of a research method based on "standards" and modular display allows the industry to live in a "social" structure, without losing their commercial autonomy and identity.

Expected results

  • Visibility of the sector increased in relation to drivers;
  • Redevelopment opportunity for the sector;
  • New business opportunities;
  • Time to market reduced;
  • Level of goods turnover increased;
  • Obsolescences reduced/suppressed;
  • Cash flow improved;
  • New businesses creation;
  • Exit strategy for companies in difficulty, who want to shake up or wish to renew processes and procedures.
Green computing
car on the cloud

The technological infrastructure with low environmental impact, together with the digitization, make our process environmentally sustainable.

A suite of tools ready for use

Purposely designed for the Aftermarket sector, Motorplan package of services makes possible to follow the principle: "Soft start and incremental growth".