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We distribute software and services for the Automotive Aftermarket segment, based on TecDoc informations

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Solid foundations

The deep knowledge of the Aftermarket history, together with the observation of the constant changes that affect it, allows us to operate coherently with the direction of the market.

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Simple systems

We distribute or build in a short time applications able to make your business operations more automatic, for simplify your life in the compalny and to save you time and money through the adoption of standard data.

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Satisfied users

Thanks to our applications our customers are finally free from the complexity and the huge costs that have so far characterized the manual management or the adoption of other systems in the business.

Our approach is simple and scalable

All our applications are based on standard data are provided in original condition. The encodings products are unique, constantly updated automatically and containing all the data necessary for a proper management, procurement and logistics of millions of car spare parts. In this way, down the production chain, each trading partner has the opportunity to obtain standardized information about each spare part, thus working in a context of trade relations more harmonized and efficient.


Our vision is larger than the target

Through the adoption of standardized information and the creation of tools and processes based on the concept of standard, we set ourselves the goal of ensuring a more effective and less costly managing of the spare parts logistics. Thus facilitating sales processes, market penetration, customer loyalty, consolidation of the company's presence in the territory and exploration of new markets.

Quality and courage for the development of the country system.

Enginet is the Aftermarket Sponsor

We strongly believe in the independence of Automotive Aftermarket. For this reason we are at the forefront for the diffusion and promotion of the new BER which protects the rights of car drivers. A more aware driver is a potential customer that will look for Independent Aftermarket professionals sure to find the same quality that he would find by the official channels, but with cheaper prices and with the convenience to receive assistance closer to home.