All of the ENGINET applications are vertically developed for the supply chain of components for automotive, commercial and industrial vehicles.

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Our Applications

They are useful for the management and sale of spare parts and they cover from identification to the whole documentary and logistic process. All our tools are easy to use and are worldwide accessible, using a PC and an Internet connection.

  • ANYsite and ANYsite Premium

    It allows companies to have a web presence through a website with a professional image.

    • Company and products
    • Contact form
    • Access to the services Area
  • ANYcom

    It’s the e-commerce system, available as standalone or integrated with information and other instruments such as the catalog.

    • Items insertion and maintenance
    • Definition of prices and conditions of sale
    • Orders receipt and manage
  • ANYweb

    It’s a “trust” database containing information on the master data of spare parts and accessories for automotive, commercial and industrial vehicles.

    • Product Brand
    • Identification code
    • Retail price
  • ANYcat

    It’s the catalog of web parts for automotive, commercial and industrial vehicles based on TecDoc informations.

    • Search by vehicle
    • Search by Article
    • Cross references
  • ANYpos

    It’s a management system of goods and documents, designed to address the Automotive Aftermarket complexities related to the cycle of life and management of products circulating in the segment, to which it is natively oriented.

    • Born to manage virtual logistics
    • It interoperates with the standard information of the component manufacturers
    • Simple and fast
  • ANYparts

    It’s the catalog creation system, completely adjustable according to any need or role within the supply chain.

    • Flexible and innovative research system
    • Easy to consult
    • Robust and scalable
  • ANYlog

    It’s the registration form for new clients and the access portal for the existing ones.

    • Registration - Request
    • Access
    • Password recovery
  • Developers - ANYframe

    It’s the catalog based on TecDoc information, which can be integrated within existing websites, such as B2B or B2C e-commerce systems.

    • TecDoc standard info
    • Search mode by vehicle/brand/category/keywords
    • Easy and reliable
  • Developers - ANYprice

    It allows the fruition of list prices and global database of spare parts and accessories, which can be integrated in existing management and e-commerce systems.

    • Integrable in different systems
    • Spare parts and accessories data
    • Real time list prices
  • Developers - ANYchain

    It allows to link availability and prices together to the different levels of the distribution chain in a top-down order, by automatically and transparently recalculating them real time.

    • Upgrade real time
    • Availability info
    • Prices info
  • Developers - ANYcross

    Is the system that allows to obtain results for cross-reference through OE or competitor, integrated into operational systems and existing e-commerce platform.

    • Internal codes associations
    • OE codes associations
    • Competitor codes associations
  • ANY-X

    We have many other ongoing projects dedicated to the Automotive Aftermarket segment...